SRS manufactures an enormous range of rubber mouldings for a diverse spectrum of uses. Many of these components become integral parts of machinery and equipment for a wide range of industries and are exported worldwide.

Precision Custom Moulding
SRS are specialists in the design and manufacture of precision rubber mouldings.
Catering for both short and long run manufacturing requirements, SRS can assist at any stage of the design and development process with products tailored to customer specifications. Compounds are developed to meet international standards including;
  • FDA
  • 3A Sanitary
  • British standard
  • ASTM
SRS are experienced in composite moulding, including rubber bonding with metal, fabric, plastic and others substrates.  Products are designed to reduce the number of component parts to simplify the overall design of your end product.
Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Compression and transfer moulding
  • Injection moulding
  • Rubber/metal bonding (mild and S/S, bronze, brass, aluminium, cast iron)
  • Rubber/plastic bonding
  • Rubber/fabric bonding
  • Rubber/teflon (PTFE) bonding
  • Dual durometer moulding
  • Elastomer coatings (low friction)
SRS is experienced in injection moulding of engineering thermoplastics to meet customer’s specific requirements.

Composite Moulding and Sub-Assemblies
A wide range of rubber products with composite mouldings can be produced by bonding rubber polymers with one or more sub materials, including plastics, metals, brass, PTFE and various fabrics.  Assemblies containing components made of rubber, plastic, metal or ceramic can be incorporated into the finished product to add strength, replace existing components or save assembly time.